Patreon is a subscription-based membership platform that allows fans to support their favorite content creators, and in return receive exclusive benefits and access above and beyond what the general public gets to experience.

At THERSday Night, our normal coverage including the THERSday Night Podcast and Upon Further Review, as well as game previews and recaps are (and will remain) completely free as they are now. It’s extremely important to us that the core of our mission – providing quality, independent coverage of Georgia State sports – remains completely free for everyone to enjoy.

Your support as a Patron will allow us to expand our work and enter the next phase of coverage here at THERSday Night.

Patreon supporters have access to the following Patreon-exclusive perks:

  • A special Patron-exclusive postgame podcast released after the game, giving our immediate reactions – win or lose
  • A special written piece, separate from Upon Further Review, on the Monday following each game breaking down the details we pick up as we rewatch the game.
  • Early access to interviews before they’re publicly posted on
  • and more to come!

So if this sounds good to you, and you want to support what we’re doing here at THERSday Night, click the link below to travel to our Patreon page:

Thanks for all the fantastic support you’ve given us in the past two and a half years. We’re looking forward to continuing our normal work,
and expanding what we do with your help on Patreon!

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